Boot & Tax - Boot & Tax
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Boot & Tax

Info sheet

After two sold out 12″ EPs on Optimo Trax, Boot & Tax head over to mother label Optimo Music for the release of their debut self-titled, 9-track album.
The Milanese duo are comprised of Cristian Croce (already part of The Barking Dogs) and Claudio Brioschi (Brioski), two of the most popular and respected djs/producers of the Italian scene who share a great passion for analog synths and experimentation, and a deep knowledge of both clubbing and production.
Dance albums are notoriously difficult to pull off and often fall flat but Boot & tax succeed where many fail by making a record that will work on open-minded dance floors but isn’t necessarily a dance album. Indeed, my 80-year-old stepmother hasn’t danced for years but has been listening to this on repeat all month. Incorporating Claudio’s guitar playing, Boot & Tax’s trademark eccentric instrumentation along with their analogue arsenal and the occasional vocal from Cristian, they have managed to forge a uniquely characteristic sound world.
Playful, psychedelic, hypnotic, captivating, the album comes in a gatefold sleeve on double vinyl and Boot & Tax will be touring live in support of the record throughout the summer and beyond.



  1. Sound Of Baloo
  2. Sublime Good
  3. Fela
  4. Apnea
  5. Red Guitar
  6. Dancin
  7. Father & Son
  8. Soultains Of Mountain
  9. Sazarda Gente


Optimo Music OM LP 008 – 2 x 12″, 2015.
Distribution by Kompakt and Rub A Dub.


Flitting from laidback reggae inversions to spiky post-punk grooves and sprawling cosmic medititations, Boot & Tax features Croce’s vocals and Brioschi on guitar to accompany their arsenal of exotic synth sounds. ‘Dancin’ is one of the best of the bunch, a more traditionalist floor-filler with a Kraftwerkian slant

It’s super-easy going and timelessly infectious (even JD Twitch’s 80 year old step-mother has been rinsing it), weaving elements of spaghetti westerns (‘red Guitar’) alongside eastern-oriented electronics (‘Sublime’) and Teutonic disco (‘Dancin’), and, most importantly, making it all effortlessly co-mingle.

if Optimo continues putting out stuff like this on their label, we won’t have a classification for dance music anymore